Introduction to the JailBETA API

Welcome to the JailBETA API! We have amassed a great deal of data throughout the years, and have decided to share that data with you, the application developer, in hopes that you'll use our hard work for some sort of sweet applications!

This is our first version of the API, and plenty more changes are sure to come, as people like you use it and give us feedback, request new features, and show us you have no need for other features.

The first step in using our API is to get an API Key. We require you to have an API key so that we can keep track of abuse, if that is the case, and suspend accounts that may happen to abuse our free service.

As of right now, there are no rate limits, there are no fees, this API is provided absolutely free of charge, to use as much or as little as you can figure out how to, in order to make your application awesome. So you're welcome!

Happy coding!